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Hastings-Sunrise Tickets

Main St. Tickets

All ticket prices are before applicable service charges. Service charges are 20% of the cost of a ticket to a maximum of $5.00 per ticket.

We can’t hold tickets unless they are charged over the phone with a credit card. There is no extra charge to charge tickets over the phone with a credit card. Credit card information is not kept on file.

(Sold Out Here) means that we are sold out at this location, please check our other location for tickets, if both stores are sold out then if there are any remaining tickets left they can be bought through an online seller such as ticketmaster, ticketfly etc.

(Offsale) means that the promoter has pulled the tickets from one or both of our locations due to the show being close to sold out online. There may still be remaining tickets available online through the seller carrying tickets for the show.