Shirts, Turntables and Accessories For Sale

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Red Cat T-Shirts $15.00 Each


Record Players:

Audio Technica ATLP60

(available in a variety of colours, please contact us before purchasing so we can let you know what colours are in stock) $169.99


ATLP60 Turntable


Tonar Carbon Fibre Brushes $20.99

Tonar Nostatic Brush

Tonar Nostatic Mats / Tonar Cork Mats $29.99 

Type Of Mat

Mobile Fidelity Inner and Outer Sleeves 50 count $29.99 


Type Of Sleeve

Generic Record Sleeves : Inner 3.5 mil / Outer 4 mil 

Package of 100 sleeves $31.99 each

Type Of Sleeve

Spin Clean MK II Manual Record Washing Machine $99.99

Spin Clean Machine

Spin Clean Accessories :

Replacement Record Brushes:



Spin Clean Replacement Brushes

Pack Of 5 Drying Cloths: Currently Sold Out ! 








Replacement Rollers: Currently Sold Out!











Spin Clean Washer Fluid : 

8 oz / 16 oz / 32 oz 


Spin Clean Washer Fluid


Groovy Cleaner Record Cleaning Spray

8 oz $23.99 4 oz $14.99


Vinyl Style Record Frame :

$14,99 each

Vinyl Styl Record Frame